Live in Daegu, Winter 2011

by Seth Martin & 전 현지(HyeonJi Jeon)

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Just two songs from a very special night in December, 2011.
Daegu City, about 3 and a half hours from my current home in Bundang-gu, is the home of great food, infamously hot summer weather, and some of my favorite people in Korea, Joohee and the crew from Via Trio, a classical folk Korean Women's band that travels around Europe every other year to remind people of Korea and its beautiful history by playing western and Korean traditional tunes on classical and Korean instruments, in traditional hanbok.
An honor I didn't deserve but am still grateful for: being invited to play a short set at their hometown end-of-the-year event, introducing American mountain folk to nearly a thousand people there to support these great women from Daegu.
These two songs are what HyeonJi and I came up with between Via Trio sets. We played into just one mic, and let the crowd, our own excitement, and the architectural landscape of the theater do the rest.


released January 1, 2012

phtographer's name: 김 용한(Yonghan Kim)

violinist's name:전 현지(HyeonJi Jeon)




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“Without the usual technical apparatus you are freer to play, and people are encouraged to participate as there is no wall that microphones and speakers can often cause,” he said. “There is no alienation, only openness and diversity, and that’s how healthy relationships last.”

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